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X/Link Switching Software has helped improving Bank Nagari's productivity through the implementation of the latest EFT technology. The system can fulfill the needs of Bank Nagari's transaction process. - TSI Team Bank Nagari

X/LINK Completed PCI-DSS Certification

10/22/2013 - X/LINK Service Provider has completed the PCI-DSS Level 1 (highest) certification. PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is a security standard defined by the PCI Council ( for institutions storing, processing, and transmitting card data.

Bank Sinar Luncurkan Layanan Sarat Teknologi

4/27/2010 - Dengan menggunakan layanan ini, kata Perdana, teller Bank Sinar dapat menjangkau nasabahnya di berbagai tempat dan pelosok hanya dengan membawa perangkat mobile EDC yang portable. Transaksi pun bisa dilakukan di luar bank dengan mudah, aman dan cepat sehingga menghemat waktu tenaga dan biaya nasabah

Republic of Indonesia Biometric Passport System

7/23/2009 - MegaMatcher SDK multi-biometric technology was used by X/LINK Software, working with ICT Solution Provider PT. Berca Hardayaperkasa, to develop a distributed passport issuance system

Sinarmas Life Insurance engage with X/Link

11/9/2007 - Sinarmas Life Insurance, was Ekalife, engaged with X/Link to provide direct payment through VISA Credit Card. The payment service will enable new customers directly subscribe life-insurance and proceed to payment from Sinarmas-life website.

PT POS re-launch Telkomsel Prepaid service

9/29/2007 - PT POS Indonesia relaunched Telkomsel Prepaid service over their counter after stopped for some time. X/Link enables PT POS Indonesia to re-service Telkomsel's SIMPATI and AS product through X/Link advanced technology and service commitment.

PT POS service XL customer through X/Link

9/29/2007 - PT POS Indonesia launched XL products over their online counter. Now XL customers can be served by over than 2000 PT POS Indonesia outlets.
X/Link delivers this services through its Bank Aggregator agreement with Excelcomindo granted couple months ago.

VISA promotes 8472

8/15/2007 - VISA promotes 8472 SMS code for VISA cellular topup service. Backed by X/Link system and all major Cellular Operator (Telkomsel, XL, Fren, Esia and Indosat), VISA launches many road banners mostly placed over those high-traffic main roads.

Excelcomindo awards X/Link Bank Aggregator

7/28/2007 - We are at X/Link very proud to announce that Excelcomindo has awarded X/Link one very big opportunity to serve Banking community as Bank Aggregator. Through this agreement, X/Link now can serve Banks to pay XPLOR postpaid bills or sells BEBAS and JEMPOL topup on all Bank's electronic channel.

X/Link SDC 3222 for OpenPayment

3/10/2007 - X/Link opens new SDC 3222 for its payment gateway services.
Customers, Banks and other Merchants can use shared short SMS Number 3222 to enable their electronic payment service.

X/Link JavaBanking launched for Eksekutif

2/1/2007 - Bank Eksekutif deploy new service called MobileBanking to their privileged customers. It is a very convenient technology that will uplift overall customer experience in mobility banking. Using X/Link's Java Mobile technology, MobileBanking is a very secure ways to do transactions.

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EFT / ATM Switching

Provides a comprehensive feature set for ATM transaction processing, including support for multiple ATM types and emulations, multiple accounts, multiple institutions, multiple currencies and support multiple transactions.


Also known as enterprise application integrator (EAI), to manage all transations and messages traffic from any sources accross applications or networks.

Mobile Banking

Do any banking transaction anywhere with your cellular phone.

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